“It was a Good (Rather Short) Life, and a Bad (Lengthy) Death”

That’s how I see my situation. The life was good because it was full of love, opportunity, humor, lessons. I accomplished things, went to interesting places, met unique people (and was cared for and by many of them), and didn’t have the financial stresses that haunt other people.

I lived up to my potential without hurting people to do it. I made love a priority and only occasionally hurt people to do that. I tried to help people through listening, observing, advising and sometimes having boundaries.

I always tried to learn more about people and myself. I looked for the funny quirks in life and found a lot of them. I tried to have respect for people and dignity without being a doormat. I wasn’t always good at putting things in perspective so I could over react or hold on to hurt too long. I was emotionally fearless, but I don’t think I was emotionally foolish. It eventually got me David – my ultimate treasure.

I had many perfect moments that were seared to my memories. They enjoyed all my senses. I had moments of peace that were like being in a pure bubble of timeless serenity.

I had wonderful friends and some fair weather friends and it took me a while to figure out the difference. But I loved them all, even the ones whose choices or words can still make me cry when I remember them.

I tried really hard at everything I thought was important – school, friendships, creativity, teaching, writing, filling my week with activity, filling a conversation with intensity, filling a love affair with everything it could hold (given the fragility of its shell).

-written by Stephanie Greco Larson during the last two months of her life.